Here is a look ahead to the Times for special services/events:

Palm Sunday March 28

Maundy Thursday Love Feast, April 1 – 6:30 P.M.
Good Friday Family Film Night, April 2 – 6:30-8:30 P.M.
Easter “Son” Rise Service, April 4 – 8:30 A.M.

Sunday Bible Study, April 4 – 9:15 A.M.

Easter Morning Worship Hour 10:30 A.M.

*We are pleased to be offering the traditional “Love Feast” here in the fellowship hall.  The Deacons have a plan for the church to come together with some concessions due to covid.  We will be using antibacterial hand wipes as a symbolic washing, keeping in mind the humble ministry of foot washing. There will be a simple meal and we’re asking families to sit together.  Please let us know ahead if you are planning to attend.

*The Good Friday Family Film night will be in the sanctuary with the film “Risen”.  We will have a 10 minute intermission during the film.

*Easter “Son”Rise Service will take place outside the church on the corner at 8:30 am.  The service will be 20-25 minutes with singing, scriptures and a homily.  We will offer a brown bag breakfast and our regular scheduled bible study and morning worship will follow at the regular times.   During our regular morning worship on Easter Sunday we will have special music from our “HALO” children’s choir and a group of our adults.

We welcome you to any or all of our services. We do follow the safety guidelines suggested for Covid 19.

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