Youth Group (grades 6-12)

We are presently running a combined Jr. and Sr. Youth Group. Currently, with the Covid Pandemic, we have not been able to gather our youth together as much as we would like.

One event we did manage to fit in the summer of 2020, was an evening pool party at the Tyrone Borough Swimming Pool.  The event was sponsored by our Congregational Life Team for the youth and members of the congregation.   A large group showed up to swim and enjoy ice cream sundaes, root beer floats and lots of fun partying together.  We thank the Lord for this fun evening in the midst of the pandemic.

IMG_20200815_211711394       IMG_20200815_212000344    IMG_20200815_211758146

2018 the youth had a Youth Retreat at Camp Blue Diamond.

Canoeing fun at the Youth Retreat

We had games, crafts, campfires, swimming, canoeing and devotions, all in the context of a beautiful outdoor experience.

We also had several summer “Youth Events” which took place at people’s houses.  These included a pool party with brick oven pizza, a Christmas in July event where we made cookies to benefit the Village at Morrison Cove, an outdoor movie event, and a Cook Out followed by fun (and sometimes, quite loud) games.

Showing off decorated cookies from our Christmas in July event

Our Youth Group presently meets in the church Youth Room on the first and third Sunday of the month from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  We have a lot of fun playing games, solving riddles, doing Bible trivia (a fun contest where the students try to beat the pastor) as well as continued attempts at the “impossible shot”.

We also have an interactive Bible lesson with discussion and prayer. All of this is followed by some enjoyable snacks and more fellowship.  We are having a great time growing together in our relationships as well as the most important relationship of all – our relationship with Christ!  All youth grades 6-12 are welcome (and invite your friends!)

Students try to solve the mystery of “Ice holes and Eskimos”

More pics:

An attempt at the “impossible shot”
Outdoor Movie Night
That’s not a bear, it’s a Bouvier named Piper (who likes to swim!)
The main event: snacks and sugar!