Reminder: Don’t Miss “My House Shall Be a House of Prayer” Tonight at 6:30 pm!

If Tyrone Church of the Brethren is going to be the church God has called us to be, a church able to fulfill the mission God as given us, it must be a church wholly committed to prayer.

Tonight we will be gathering to watch “My House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer” by Jim Cymbala, one of his most memorable messages on the importance and power of prayer. Cymbala preached this message at the Praise Gathering, Indianapolis in 1994. Today it still speaks to and exhorts people everywhere to “First of all, pray.”

Do miss this opportunity to hear from God on the importance of prayer, not just talking about prayer or learning about prayer, but habitually engaging in prayer.  May God use this message to get our attention and lead us to fully commit ourselves to obey Him in a life of prayer, both personal and corporate.

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